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Downtown Campus Boutique

Boutique Terms and Conditions to submit Artwork

  • All works are chosen through a jury process, taking into consideration the juxtaposition of art pieces, theme (if applicable) and the boutique space.

  • All applicants must be current members in good standing with OSA. The OSA Boutique Coordinator reserves the right to limit the number of works displayed by each Artist and to refuse unsuitable works of art.

  • Retail value must not exceed $500. Artwork submissions must be no larger than 400 sq. inches (20 x 20in) including frame.

  • Submissions must be properly labelled and ready for hanging. Framed artwork must be stable and secure. Canvasses not requiring a frame must include proper hanging wire. Any work not meeting these standards will not be displayed.

  • All artworks must be signed by the artist and submitted with a business card, clearly visible and securely attached to the back of each artwork that includes the artist’s name, email, website link and social media links, (if applicable). A brief artist biography and artist statement printed on a small card format, including the above information, and securely attached to the back of each artwork is also accepted.  Artists are also encouraged to provide a “Certificate of Authenticity” for each 2D artwork.

  • All artworks sold will result in a 35% commission for the OSA and a 65% commission to the Artist. Artist commissions will be paid by cheque at approximately the middle of the following month. Once artworks are sold and the Artist has been notified, the artwork may be replaced subject to the approval of the Boutique Coordinator. Replacement works must be submitted by appointment only – no drop offs please.

  • The following Artwork Submission Form, (contract), must be signed in order to sell artwork in the OSA Boutique. (Please contact to acquire submission form) 

Please Note: The Ottawa School of Art is not responsible for any losses or damages due to theft, vandalism, or accidental breakage and will not provide monetary or other compensation for such losses or damages.  OSA will nonetheless take every reasonable precaution to prevent such losses or damages. Members are advised that they are participating in this display area at their own risk.

Contact the Boutique

Questions on the boutique changeover’s can be directed to Cathy Brake,

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